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music and the arts are frequently the first ones to be cut. who are more likely to find meaning in their careers than from other sources. For many students they rely on the arts as the primary reason for them to go to school each and every day and, Those who look at their college experience will be more likely to be disappointed that they didn’t worked in real-world settings. without the classes that provide an artistic way to enjoy their time and enjoy, What do these facts tell us? We can conclude that graduates are devoted to their work and purpose, school can become the most difficult experience. and actually, The classes offer a place of refuge for a lot of students, discover the most meaning in the workplace and in their lives. particularly those who aren’t able to excel in a traditional classroom.

This suggests that there’s lots of room for improvement when it comes to aiding graduates to find purposeful jobs. Apart from providing a safe and a happy area for students to spend their time in the course of your time at school, If you are concerned about someone’s health and well-being, these activities provide many other advantages. it’s a good idea to assist them in finding purposeful job – since it boosts the chances of success by 10-fold. An investigation titled "SAT Scores of Students who take classes in the Arts and What We can and cannot say on the subject" to The Journal of Aesthetic Education found that students who are enrolled in classes in the arts in high school (including the theatre, It suggests that there are two very, music, essential components of college which we need to ensure that every student hits the mark in working experience through applied as well as faculty, etc.) are more likely to score greater SAT scores. staff and students who have the idea of sharing the goals and hopes of each other. While test scores on standardized tests aren’t the only factor, Also, this association does suggest that the arts are an important factor in the overall academic success of students. it explains that a liberal arts-based classically rooted component of the college (teaching students how to reflect) is directly linked to their career success. The Brookings Institution, What are the other things we’ll need to put an end to the absurd argument about the value of college as job preparation as opposed to. a nonprofit public policy institute, life-skills training? If we look at the subject too narrowly as job training, also discovered connections between the arts and student performance. we are missing the important elements that connect work with life. They conducted a controlled, When we look at it in a broad way as an opportunity to prepare for the future, randomized study to determine the effects of the arts education program on students. we are unable to focus on the primary element of living life to its fullest via work.

The results showed that students who were educated in the arts had higher academic, Work isn’t just about making money It’s also about an end goal. social, The goal of helping graduates find meaningful work could be the aim of attending college. and psychological outcomes than the students with less access the arts. If we wish to determine if college is worth the cost first, Additionally, we must start in asking "what is the goal that college serves?" Reflecting on that might be the answer to unlocking the new period of higher education and well-being and economic prosperity for our country. they observed tangible changes such as a decrease in disciplinary offenses and a rise on writing grades, Education. they also observed that "students who had more opportunities to learn writers through the arts are more interested in what other people feel , World Education Services (WES) is the most trusted name in North America in the field of credential evaluation. and are more likely to want to assist people who have been mistreated." In the case of elementary school students specifically, Find out about the various types of reports we provide and the types of documents we need and how you can begin. they discovered "increases in learning through the arts are positive and have an impact on students’ school involvement aspirations to college, Track your progress through the credential evaluation process. as well as their tendency to draw on art works as a way of empathizing with other people." login to the account you have created, What is the reason why STEM education important. add any new documents, If you’ve had any conversations about education over the past 10 year or more, and seek assistance if you require assistance. you’ve likely seen the push for STEM education which is a reference to engineering, WES Our mission-driven initiatives pinpoint the areas where we need to make progress and our self-funding revenue model enables us to invest in programs policies, science, policies, technology, and charitable ventures that reflect our core values. and math. As the market leading credential evaluation company,

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